Sunday, July 11, 2010


LAZRtag (yes you must write it like that every time) hails from LA and consist of two guys: Luvtek and Erik Addison aka 'StellarDRV'. They are producers as well as DJs and have just wrapped up their Summer Australian tour. These guys. Fucking. Kill it. They're remixes are unbelievably good, out of this world. When can we see them live?! We are listening to it right now with big ass grins on our faces. We're featuring their Passion Pit "Little Secret" Remix and their Datarock "Dance!" remix. Look out for their upcoming original singles "Klepto" and "Belong to You." After listening to their remixes we can't wait for these singles to come out. Strong work boys.

-Beat Freaks

Passion Pit - Little Secrets (LAZRtag Remix - Radio Edit)

Datarock - Dance! (LAZRtag Remix)