Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kele - Tenderoni

Bloc Party's front-man (I'm sure you all recognize the voice) Kele Okereke (pronounced O-kay-ray-kay) has gone solo. This is the single of off his debut solo album "The Boxer" released with Wichita Records. The indie rock star's step into the electronic scene is off to a solid start. Very catchy song, and Kele's vocal range meshes very well with the rhythm and builds, plus the video is pretty cool. This is another song that we think has huge remix potential, and apparently Kele agrees with us because he has set up a soundcloud drop box on his site where you can submit your own remix of "Tenderoni" - There are already 54 remixes submitted, all of which are downloadable. His home page,, features a downloadable remix by Larry Tee and Beckwith. Hope you enjoy it!

-Beat Freaks