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<<Review of Camp Bisco 9 by Steph
Camp freaking Bisco 9. What a festival. I cannot even explain the vast number of people who said this was the best festival they had ever been to. Everywhere you went there were bright colors, dread-locks, flowing skirts, and the smell of dirty hippies and weed. It was going to be a good festival.

2:00pm on Thursday the music started. There were four different stages, and from our tent we could hear the main two. Morning Teleportation and Dubskin started off on the main stages with Mr. Mariaville & Amp; the Digitreks were on the Hill, or local, stage, but for our first show we decided to venture down to the dance tent and listen to Orchard Lounge. A perfect group to start out with, they had a very trance like sound, which was a great beginning.

After that we decided to fill up our camel backs, and I cant stress enough how important having one of these is, saved our lives. Next came the excitement of the day for us: Disco Biscuits and Pretty Lights! As I write this I just sighed 'Pretty lights' out loud and my good friend Katie just lit up and started raving about how perfect and amazing their set was, and honestly, there is nothing else to be said. It, was, fantastic. His electro organic, cutting-edge, party rocking beats upped the energy and sent the dance floor into frenzies. If you've never heard or seen Pretty Lights, put it on your list immediately! For all those interested please check out their song: "Who Loves Me." The dance tent was popping when we got there; Carubou, Two Fresh and Holy Fuck were playing banging bass lines.

The next day. We headed down to the main stage and got right in front for Big Gigantic around 3:30. Again, another one of my absolute favorites. They played some stuff from their new album that is set to come out in September. They rocked out with sax solos and soulful synth lines on top of super hot beats.Check out their song "I Need a Dollar (big gigantic remix)" You will not be disappointed. We then heard Wu Massacre, Eskmo, Thievery Corp, Major Lazer, and another amazing set by the Disco Biscuits. Love you Disco Biscuits!

Then it was time for what everyone had been waiting for: BASSNECTAR! Some technical difficulties in the beginning of the set resulted in Bassnectar shouting about all the amazing music he has for us and how its just not working! The amazing tech crew swooped in and switched out his mixing board and we were good to go. The visuals he paired with his strong bass and amazing, face-melting beats produced one kick-ass show. This festival was especially enjoyable because it wasn't hard to get up front if you wanted to and still have some room to dance. That night consisted of Diplo and The New Deal.

Now the third day was the one day pass, so there were a lot more kids who treated this like one big concert and didn't quite grasp the concept of a "festival" so it was much harder to get up front and have room to dance. We got right up in front for Girl Talk and Rusko at around 10:30. More of a concert feel this time with pushing and shoving, but as always, good music. However, right before Girl Talk and Rusko was a crazy storm, I'm talking tents flying madness. The poor drunken people who got hammered as soon as they got there and didn't set up their tents right were drenched, and we were hidden away in our big 6 person tent running outside only once to fix our canopy, which had flown away and gotten bent. After that huge storm with a side of tornado warning (could you imagine having a tornado in the middle of a festival? unreal right? that's what we were thinking). But the storm passed and the music came back on and, everyone partied again until the music stopped.

Over all, this festival experience has prompted me to make sure I strive to go to this one every year. I strongly encourage anyone who hasn't been to a festival like this to try one as soon as they can, its a rewarding life experience. Another great festival to add to summer 2010.